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Heathrow is preparing to send out its Land Referencing survey to properties in the Wider Property Offer Zone (WPOZ). Residents living in the Compulsory Purchase Zone (CPZ) for the proposed third runway have already received these letters and questionnaires, despite having having had previous requests for personal and property details. (We’ve added another page to our news section on this subject.)

While Heathrow wants answers to their questions, residents can’t get answers to theirs. For example, what will happen to their data? We know that ultimately, should the runway get permission, it would be published in a Book of Reference for all to see. However, we don’t believe Heathrow will get a runway, so what happens to all the personal information then?

If you feel uncomfortable about providing personal information YOU DO NOT HAVE TO COMPLETE THESE QUESTIONNAIRES.

A third runway is not a done deal. The airport says it wants to update information but this is a pathetic excuse when the runway may never be built. After the next distribution to the WPOZ, Heathrow has plans to send the questionnaires further afield and will include people affected by flightpath noise.

As for the legal challenges, there will be another hearing on 15th January, with the challenges being heard in court for up to10 days starting on 11th March 2019. Please put the dates in your diaries as we want as many people as possible to come and hear the proceedings. When so many lives in the UK will be impacted by a third runway, it is a serious flaw in the process that only those who can travel to London and gain entry to the court (and a smaller court nearby where there will be a TV link) who will be able to see what is happening.

We should be asking why proceedings cannot be broadcast on the internet, as happens with proceedings in Parliament and even in local council chambers.

We’d love everyone to sign up to receive updates and show support for our campaign. You can go further and pledge some practical help - for example there is the “700 More” Group, which will be taking part in legal events to raise awareness of expansion issues. The “700 More” refers to number of extra daily flights that would be generated by a third runway if it is ever built.

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About us

Stop Heathrow Expansion (SHE) is a residents-led campaign organisation opposing any expansion of Heathrow Airport, including the proposed third runway.

Established in 2014, SHE is campaigning for a better quality of life for all residents to be free from the threat of their homes being demolished or pollution harming their children.

SHE has 3 main aims:

1. Stop expansion at Heathrow – no more runways;  no increase in flights beyond the current cap.
2. Reduce both air and noise pollution from Heathrow Airport and related road traffic.
3. Preserve our community life and heritage - and end the repeated threatsH

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