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Thank you for coming to the official SHE website. Scroll down the page and you can get a quick overview of the latest issues, Facebook entries and tweets. 

A printed newsletter is currently going out to some of the residents in the villages - until our supply runs out. We are hand delivering these and always welcome offers of help.

Supporters who have signed up for information have also received a couple of online newsletters. We’ll be putting more details on the website very soon.

We’ve just reported that a judge is going to be examining if and how the legal challenges to the Airports National Policy Statement (basically the third runway) are going to be heard. We are keeping a close eye on all six of them but our main focus is the one involving Hillingdon Borough, other local authorities, Greenpeace and the London Mayor. Most of the residents who would have their homes destroyed live in Hillingdon Borough, while the impact goes much further afield. A huge concern is the toxic pollution generated by Heathrow operations but noise from aircraft also takes its toll on health. We are still waiting for URGENT action to tackle these problems. All we get are action plans and empty promises.

If you want to know why Harmondsworth residents care so much about their village, drop in on 23rd September at about 2.00pm. This is part of London’s Open House weekend. The Hillingdon Mayor is taking part in a wreath laying ceremony at 2.30pm (the village has a special tribute to commemorate the end of WW1) and at 3pm there is a demonstration at the amazing Great Barn (built in 1426) with a couple of vintage horse-drawn vehicles.

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A THIRD RUNWAY IS NOT A DONE DEAL. We would love as many people as possible to work with us to stop the proposals once and for all. 

About us

Stop Heathrow Expansion (SHE) is a residents-led campaign organisation opposing any expansion of Heathrow Airport, including the proposed third runway.

Established in 2014, SHE is campaigning for a better quality of life for all residents to be free from the threat of their homes being demolished or pollution harming their children.

SHE has 3 main aims:

1. Stop expansion at Heathrow – no more runways;  no increase in flights beyond the current cap.
2. Reduce both air and noise pollution from Heathrow Airport and related road traffic.
3. Preserve our community life and heritage - and end the repeated threats.

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