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Heathrow has now started its own consultation on its North West runway proposals. It will run from 17th January to 28th March 2018 with events starting on 30th January. We hope Heathrow will make the accompanying documents readily available so that all those people affected, even those without access to the internet, can look at some of the proposals. Remember that everything you see is "indicative", so may look nothing like the next set of plans. You won't find flight paths either. 

After the launch, The Times covered an issue we have been raising in the run-up to the consultation - the airport's plan to cover Green Belt land with car parks. Apologists for Heathrow have suggested that the new car parks on green land would be replacing those parking spaces that would be lost to third runway development. So how does this programme of car park building fit with Heathrow's claim that it wants to cut car use and its pledge that there won't be any extra vehicles on the roads with a third runway? 

You'd be right to conclude that it doesn't fit. There is money to made from cars travelling to the airport and Heathrow fully intends to grab it. 


About us

Stop Heathrow Expansion (SHE) is a residents-led campaign organisation opposing any expansion of Heathrow Airport, including the proposed third runway.

Established in 2014, SHE is campaigning for a better quality of life for all residents to be free from the threat of their homes being demolished or pollution harming their children.

SHE has 3 main aims:

1. Stop expansion at Heathrow – no more runways;  no increase in flights beyond the current cap.
2. Reduce both air and noise pollution from Heathrow Airport and related road traffic.
3. Preserve our community life and heritage - and end the repeated threats.

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