Ways you can get involved!


Firstly write to your local MP and local Councillors and ask them to publicly commit to support the fight to stop Heathrow’s expansion. Let them know our community, quality of life and our planet are more important than an unnecessary runway. Find who your MP is at http://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/.


If your MP already agrees that we don’t need a third runway, they may be planning a public meeting in your area to inform as many people as possible of the impact.


Tell your friends, neighbours, and colleagues about SHE and why you don’t want a new runway at Heathrow.  A growing number of people are forming their own small anti-runway groups and we’d love to hear about them.


SHE is gathering strength and developing links with a variety of groups and organisations that are opposed to further expansion. Each community has its own concerns and it has already been useful to share information.  This network is going to be increasingly important as the campaign works towards ending the threat of expansion for good.  If you want to contact a local group, we will be placing some contact information on our links page.


Protests, meetings, letter writing and petitions are ways to show how we feel about the current plans and associated issues. Some groups focus on the arts, media or direct action.  Whether you decide to join in or go it alone, it’s important that we all do something.


Make sure you keep in touch. For updates of our events and other campaign ideas sign up to our mailing list and keep checking the SHE website for the latest news.


You can contact us via email: info@stopheathrowexpansion.co.uk