Day 6 - Neil sends 3am blog from Corby carpark

You can't say we aren't dedicated in Stop Heathrow Expansion. I had just turned off my laptop at 4am on Sunday morning when I spotted an email from Neil - sent at 3.30am! I'm exhausted so it's hard to imagine how Neil must feel.

Still, if Neil's taken the trouble to write it at this time of day, I thought I'd better turn on the laptop again and send it. So here is his early morning blog, no doubt photos will follow.

Reached Corby via a housing estate surrounded by grass parks and boating lake. The EVERARD ARMS, which days before had agreed to us parking, were true to their word and welcomed Ray and the van.

When I walked in about an hour later I had already been thoroughly praIsed by the ice cream van man and was then photographed by friendly local Jay who was with his kids. He has family in Edinburgh and I was selfied by the group having a jolly time in the totally packed beer garden.

Once my hat with the aircraft on top had done the rounds and was returned, l found Ray waiting for a carpark space to clear. Food was off, gas fault so it was off to a fast food outlet.

We noticed a nice corner spot in the car park on our return and although on a bit of an incline we stooped and went into the pub for a drink. People in the pub were singing Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline so we were allowed in the quieter eating area with our maps. Nightcap done, we headed back to the wagon to wash down and sleep. Water was still hot, bed and mail called.

The slope in bed was greater than I had hoped but it would be fine.......Music washed through the van but it was early. Wrote mail and napped. Woke to techno disco ..ditza ditza dittos dittos. That was wild man, 2am and still going and spilled out into the carpark. It was the dog's dangly bits in there if the comments of the young man with the Scottish accent were to be believed. Happy drunk voices, lads and lassies were ne bother. See how quick I catch on?

I thought I had much greater problems than the noise. Now awake and fighting the massive incline, the fitted bottom sheet to my mattress had given up. I lost all traction and was clinging on for dear life. My sore finger! God knows how but I must have a thorn from the embankment in it and it's made it hard to tuck the sheet back in.  I am tempted to leave my upper sleep pod, which I built in the high-roofed van, and climb over Ray to find some level ground.

DItza DITZA DITZA stopped just after 2am but it is now 3am. This dazed blog has taken an hour as I found a page-delete button. Actually I wasn't looking for it but I discovered it and apparently used it!

Folks are very friendly, town has a seaside feel about it. I'm told it has such a high ratio of Scottish folk here because of the steel industry. (Editor: Odd that the SNP seem to want the government to put more investment in the South with another runway at Heathrow rather than investment and jobs in Scotland. It might save Scottish workers having to leave their country.)

I have got to sleep as I am operating on night napping only. Ray asleep like a baby again but turns and sighs "Oh dear" every now and then.  It's a habit he does every night? (Editor: He's probably dreaming about another day on the road with you!! Only joking.) Can't really see as I have my rubbish glasses on. I have no idea where speech marks are on this thing (Ed: It's OK, I'm adding them) and 'caps lock' has a mind of its own. I know where the good glasses are, they have gone over the cliff behind the chair. I will rescue them in the morning. 

Night all. Neil