Day 7 - Neil's blog from Oakham in Rutland

Neil sent a blog as he started the day in Oakham

Corby to Oakham was only 13 odd miles today so Ray and I had a breakfast in Rockingham. Ray was chatting to a nice chap outside Oakham when I arrived who was promoting a vegan lifestyle.

He sat in the van whilst I did my sock change routine and was asking how could he help with the walk. Once I was refreshed, he took some pics and said he would post them on his site. Thank you Wesley.

I have been forwarded some tweets that folk have sent and, whilst I am not a tweeter, I hope someone from our group will thank you on my behalf. Your messages are most welcome. Lots of beeps still from car drivers, thanks to you folks too. Any locals that took the time to come see me háve made the day fly by. Team and family calls ditto.

There are loads of Harley Davidsons out on the roads today enjoying the rolling hills. I must admit to being envious at the ease with which they hauled themselves up the big ones. 

Despite the really sunny weather I didn't overheat as I drank loads. I've been topping up my suntan lotion along the route too.  

In the waiting-for-me-to-arrive gaps, Ray peeled loads of veg for tonight's meal and I cooked the chicken. Ray would like you to know it was his idea to use the goodness in the vegetable water to make the gravy. He'll want to be on Masterchef next. 

Oakham - reviewers say it's a good place for beer and birds (the feathered variety)

Oakham - reviewers say it's a good place for beer and birds (the feathered variety)

We stayed the night in a very quiet ambulance yard behind the Railway Inn in Oakham. We asked permission and settled in for some rest as we had an early start and I faced a full 8 hours of solid walking, excluding breaks. It was just our luck that after church bells and techno disco we got another interrupted night's sleep. A new ambulance crew came on duty and, without realising we'd been given the OK by the previous shift, advised us to move on. Ray, who doesn't look his best without his beauty sleep, told me to tell them he was in no fit state to be moved. Thankfully everything was fine and they let us stay.

Despite the interrupted sleep (again) I was ready for the day's walk at 7.30am, buoyed by the fact we would be hitting the 100-mile mark by late morning. I rang Christine, back in the villages, and asked her to calculate the walking distance from Harmondsworth to Sproxton village in Leicestershire. Bingo! One hundred and three miles and a good location to celebrate. In reality, with my scenic detours, I'd probably completed about 110 miles to that point but what's a few miles when you have 300 to go?

Regards to All,

Neil and Ray