Day 20 - Firth of Forth within sight

High winds and almost horizontal rain is making it hard for Neil to communicate today. The weather forecast warned of Arctic winds heading down the country and it looks like Neil has caught them on Monday, 24th April.

Neil sent a short message with the video: "Have been walking grass verges in high winds, it's like sledge hauling. Had just got to Ray at the top of the hill when a sleet storm came over the ridge. I could see the rain falling from some way back. Just jumped in the van. It is passing though and sky is now getting blue. I think I've been jammy again."

If Petrolheads like driving, do Pathheads like walking? 

After Neil sat down for a pub meal in Pathhead he discovered that the Scot sitting next to him lived near Heathrow for a while - in Harmondsworth! Yes, it really is a small world. 

Kevin and daughter Sophie pictured with Neil

Kevin and daughter Sophie pictured with Neil