Change of route on Day 9

It's especially tiring walking beside a busy road. Not only do you get the noise and pollution but you have to concentrate on the traffic and, when there are small or no paths, there is a lot of verge hopping to keep safe. Hence today's change of route to avoid the A15.

The walk has been going well and Ray has been coping well with the changes. Ray's in his 80s and had never used a sat nav before this trip, so it's amazing how he's coping with the stresses of the trip and long spells in the van.  

Neil is enjoying being out in the "fresh" air in Lincoln

Neil is enjoying being out in the "fresh" air in Lincoln

Neil is enjoying the countryside and has been prepared to take a very slightly longer route if it means he gets a more scenic route. It has the advantage of taking his mind off the act of walking and enabling him to add a few extra miles to the schedule each day.

He wants to make sure he gets to Edinburgh by the morning of the 27th at the latest. This is the day he want to visit Holyrood to fit in with the SNP politicians' timetable. The weather has been good so far, with only a tiny spot of rain on the way, but things could all change and the terrain certainly will.

There are still more than 200 miles to go.