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10 July 2019

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Residents and campaigners against a third runway at Heathrow have today launched a new campaign entitled “Heathrow’s Preferred Disasterplan” (1). The title of the campaign is a reference to the current Heathrow consultation on its “Preferred Masterplan” for expansion, which the airport launched on 18 June and runs until 13 September.

Stop Heathrow Expansion, the group behind the new campaign, is strongly supported by Hillingdon Council, John McDonnell MP and many residents in the affected areas.

Residents who live in areas closest to Heathrow are now receiving an information booklet; How a Third Runway Will Affect You and Your Family, which details some of the main impacts the expansion proposals would have in West Drayton, Hayes and the Heathrow Villages, without the gloss and spin of Heathrow Airport’s consultation documents (2). More areas will be reached in due course.

The campaign has organised three public meetings so local residents can discuss the current consultation and hear more about how to oppose Heathrow’s plans to decimate the local area with pollution, noise, traffic and facilities such as new sewage farms and flood storage areas. Plans to relocate Harmondsworth Primary school to Stockley by-pass were given short shrift (3).

Meeting dates:

  • PINKWELL: Monday 15th July, Pinkwell Primary School, Pinkwell Lane, UB3 1PG

  • HEATHROW VILLAGES: Tuesday 16th July, Heathrow Primary School, Harmondsworth Lane, Sipson, UB7 0JQ

  • WEST DRAYTON: Friday 19th July, Yiewsley & West Drayton Community Centre, 228 Harmondsworth Road, UB7 9JL


All the meetings start at 7pm and will finish around 8.30pm.


Stop Heathrow Expansion say that a key message at the meetings will be explaining to residents that the project is far from definite and why it in fact looks less, not more certain to go ahead than ever before.

Hillingdon Council leader, Ray Puddifoot MBE, will be speaking at the meeting on Monday 15th July. Hillingdon’s opposition group leader, Cllr Peter Curling will speak on Tuesday 16th July and John McDonnell, the MP for Hayes & Harlington, will be the guest speaker at the meeting on Friday 19th July (4/5). Mr. McDonnell says that he may be able to attend the first two meetings subject to Parliamentary business.

Stop Heathrow Expansion Chair Jackie Clark believes the new Disasterplan campaign more accurately reflects what expansion at Heathrow would bring to the area. She said:

“The current Heathrow consultation is a Disasterplan for our area. It is left to us to provide the true scale of Heathrow’s monumental expansion proposals, but we will do so without Heathrow’s usual gloss and spin. Expansion is far from certain and the key message to residents is that it is can be stopped.

“We have convened these public meetings at short notice, but we hope you will come along to the one easiest for you. It is vital as a community that we stand together.”

Cllr. Ray Puddifoot MBE, Leader of Hillingdon Council, said:

“Heathrow know that their expansion plans involve unacceptable levels of pollution, damage to the environment, loss of communities and a detrimental effect on the health and well-being of tens of thousands of people which is why they are so worried that it will not stand proper scrutiny and are  using the " it's a done deal and resistance is futile approach." 

“They have severely under estimated the resolve of Hillingdon residents and Hillingdon Council and I have every confidence that the current expansion plan will go in the bin with the 2010 plan where it belongs.”

John McDonnell, MP for Hayes & Harlington, gave his support to the campaign, saying:

“I back this campaign to expose the true impact of Heathrow expansion on our lives. It will be a disaster for our communities.”




  1. Photo of the launch, which includes residents and John McDonnell MP, is available via the Stop Heathrow Expansion website (scroll to the bottom of the linked page here) The photo can be used freely. http://stopheathrowexpansion.co.uk/disasterplan

  2. A link to the booklet can be found here:https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56f5ac8422482e231871561f/t/5d25bf873a7a090001b2ed99/1562755000418/Final+SHE+Mailing+to+Residents.pdf

  3. Plans to relocate Harmondsworth Primary School to Stockley by-passhttps://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/jun/19/heathrow-plans-mean-schoolchildren-face-illegal-pollution-levels

  4. Opposition to Heathrow Expansion has a cross-party consensus in the Hillingdon borough.

  5. Campaign leaflet for the July public meetings: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56f5ac8422482e231871561f/t/5d25c8f6be9cf30001734643/1562757368791/Poster+for+meetings+%28with+text%29.pdf


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