Heathrow Airport have announced they would not support a new underground station on the Piccadilly Line being built to cope with the extra demand generated by a new runway, if its expansion plans secure the backing of Parliament next year.

The costs of building the station, which would have served a new Terminal 6, north of the current terminals, would have been paid for by Transport for London and not Heathrow, who have refused to date to pay for more than £1.1bn of the total surface access costs associated with a new runway. Transport for London estimate the cost of surface access upgrades would total up to £18bn. The Airports Commission estimated the cost at £5.5bn in 2015.

Heathrow Central Station 

Heathrow Central Station 


Robert Barnstone, Campaign Coordinator for Stop Heathrow Expansion, said: “The lack of a new train station on the Piccadilly Line, will be a slap in the face for residents and those travelling to and from the airport, who would experience a soar in demand but no extra capacity. This new revelation just shows Heathrow are so desperate for a third runway, it will push for it at almost any cost. As long as it doesn’t have to pay.”

“These watered-down plans from Heathrow simply highlight their worry about being able to deliver a third runway – the costs of which is almost certain to balloon – as in the case of just about every significant project the UK has ever seen, leaving UK taxpayers from Truro to Aberdeen footing the bill.”

“For residents, this simply adds to the uncertainty and lack of clarity about the precise plans.”

27th July 2017