3 February 2017

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Residents, community representatives and local MP John McDonnell are outraged that the public consultation on the Government’s Draft National Policy Statement on expanding Heathrow Airport does not have a public exhibition event in any of the Heathrow Villages, despite these being the areas that are set for demolition, should the project go ahead.

The Government’s sixteen-week consultation launched yesterday, but despite twenty “local” consultation events and thirteen “regional” events, none are set to take place in the villages of Harmondsworth or Longford, where the new runway would be located, or neighbouring Sipson and Harlington, which would be at the end of any new runway (1). Previous consultations on Heathrow expansion have always included multiple events in the Heathrow villages (2).

Jackie Clark-Basten, Chair of Stop Heathrow Expansion, said: “It’s a disgrace that none a single one of the Government’s consultation events are taking place in the very place that they want to destroy.

“Residents now face having to attend an event in West Drayton, making multiple bus trips as neither Longford or Harlington have any bus links to this location.

“Previous public consultations on Heathrow expansion have always included exhibition events for those who would lose their homes.”

John McDonnell, Labour MP for Hayes & Harlington, said: “Quite frankly the Government are having a laugh by not holding a consultation event in the Heathrow villages.

“My constituents face losing their homes, schools, community centre and village life if this runway goes ahead.

“Every consultation on airport expansion at Heathrow over the last decade has told us what we already know; that a third runway is undeliverable because of the huge air pollution, noise and climate change concerns.

“London breached its annual air pollution limit for 2017 in just 5 days. Building a third runway will only make matters worse.

“I will be organising a further series of public meetings across the constituency over the coming weeks to ensure that local people and community organisations are fully informed and are able to fully participate in the Governments consultation process.

“I am confident that yet again we will defeat these disastrous proposals.”  

Roy Barwick, Harmondsworth resident, said: “I think it is completely unacceptable that the village of Harmondsworth, which will be demolished and its residents evicted, should be excluded as a venue for the consultation by the Department of Transport.”


Reasons to reject a third runway

×         more than half the proposed "additional business for Britain" will be absorbed in health costs due to bronchial problems, hypertension, depression, early death and slower learning in children, caused by noise, pollution and loss of sleep.

×         Improved use of other airports better supports the regions and renders a third runway at Heathrow unnecessary.

×         At least 783 homes to be lost.

×         another 3,750 homes to be made "unliveable" due to noise, pollution and health impacts.

×         loss of community, 900-year history, relationships, family lives, memories, local services etc.

×         people in the south of Hillingdon Borough die 7 years earlier than those in north Hillingdon.

×         Heathrow noise pollution already impacts 3 times the number of people around Charles de Gaulle, Schiphol or Frankfurt airports and with a third runway it would be 4 times as many.





(1)    Full list of Government consultation events https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/heathrow-expansion-draft-airports-national-policy-statement

(2)    List of public exhibitions from DfT consultation on Adding Capacity, 2007/2008. Please ask for scan.

For more information: Rob Barnstone on 07806 947050