Our message to the Government: SEE YOU IN COURT!

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25 October 2016


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Our message to the Government: SEE YOU IN COURT!


Stop Heathrow Expansion, a resident-led community group opposed to the third runway at Heathrow, said residents were once again left worried and blighted by the Government’s decision today to support expansion at the airport.


The villages of Harmondsworth and Longford will be flattened in order to become a runway, with thousands of people losing their homes. Many thought their homes and community was safe following the Government’s decision in 2010 to cancel the previous proposal for a third runway.


Jackie Clark-Basten, Chair, Stop Heathrow Expansion, said: “Once again residents around Heathrow are fighting for their homes, schools, places of worship and community. The years of uncertainty that lie ahead while Heathrow is challenged in the courts brings yet more blight and worry to thousands of people.”


Clark-Basten added added: “The fight is only just beginning. Like last time, we will see the Government in court and see off this threat, this time for good.


Previously, in 2009 the Government supported a third runway, but was successfully challenged in the High court the following year. Among those opposing the third runway then included Prime Minister Theresa May, who, in 2010, “welcomed the cancellation of the third runway” (1).




(1)   Theresa May welcomes cancellation of third runway, from an old website. https://web.archive.org/web/20130103045456/http:/www.tmay.co.uk/news/172/theresa-welcomes-cancellation-of-heathrow-third-runway


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