Heathrow Airport Expansion Consultation 18th June - 13th Sept 2019

Robert Barnstone, Campaign Coordinator of Stop Heathrow Expansion, said:-

'Heathrow's plans are laughable. Not only does it want to disrupt people's lives for up to 30 years whilst building this new runway but now proposes jumbo-size car parks whilst pledging to reduce the number of people using cars at the airport.

'How can anyone believe any of their pledges, and more worryingly, who is there to hold them to account when their promises are broken?'

'Looking to the next period ahead, Heathrow still has major legal hurdles to overcome - at the planning stage - where local authorities, the Mayor of London and environmental groups will be launching action, as per the advice of the judges in the most recent case.

'The new prime minister, whoever that may be, will have to face up to the fact that Heathrow expansion cannot meet legal environmental requirements and will therefore not be able to proceed in the long term.'

Latest plan.

Latest plan.