And now Mr Arora thinks he has the right to harass vunerable local residents!

Mr Arora now thinks he can jump on the band wagon and harass the vulnerable residents who are sick to death of receiving letters and questionnaires about a 3rd Runway that is never going to happen.

All the residents in Longford Village received yet another different Land Referencing questionnaire to fill out, this time from Heathrow West (Arora group) - who like Heathrow, failed to emphasise that filling out and returning the questionnaire IS OPTIONAL - and no one need ever give out their personal information that would become public knowledge when published on the internet. In fact I have just documented the date I received my harassing letter from Mr Arora and filed it. These companies will surely one day have to be made to pay for the constant stress and misery they are inflicting on locals living around Heathrow airport!


The Heathrow West (Arora Group) also staged a wishy-washy consultation in a handful of villages around the airport. Very few residents attended the consultations - in fact during the few hours we spent there, barely three or four people turned up. There was only a large map of the area, a summary booklet and questionnaire and 25 pull-up posters - with their wish list to becoming billionaires! There was not even a cup of tea nor biscuit to be seen! Here is a link to their website.

One of the Heathrow West pull-up banners showing a Terminal 6 option

One of the Heathrow West pull-up banners showing a Terminal 6 option