Time for West Drayton to wake up

Grass-root volunteers from Stop Heathrow Expansion delivered these leaflets to most houses and flats in southern West Drayton. They have information that Heathrow doesn't really want you to know about.

3rd Runway impacts are realised as West Drayton gets hammered!

3rd Runway impacts are realised as West Drayton gets hammered!

3rd Runway impacts are realised as West Drayton gets hammered!

Heathrow delivers its latest blow to West Drayton. Residents have been contacting us to let us know about Heathrow’s Land Referencing Letters. In them, residents are informed they “ could potentially be affected by the proposed expansion …... the area may be affected by the construction or the operation of the expanded airport, for example due to potential changes in noise, traffic or air quality. ” Heathrow then asks residents to complete confidential information on a “Land Interest Questionnaire” and return to them. Residents are under no obligation to return these questionnaires. If you do, your information will be displayed in a Book of Reference which is available to the public. Contact us , by email, if you need further information info@stopheathrowexpansion.co.uk


In its latest consultation, Heathrow reveals that West Drayton could be under flight paths FOR THE FIRST TIME. Illustrations from the consultation show various flightpaths over West Drayton. Residents could face the misery of up to 25 flights between 6am and 7am - one plane every 2 minutes above our heads. BUT, Heathrow doesn’t want you to know! Heathrow did not give West Drayton residents a local consultation event to attend, even though they held over 30 events across London and the Home Counties.

HAVE YOUR SAY, RESPOND TO THE CONSULTATION by 11.55pm on Monday, 4th March https://afo.heathrowconsultation.com/

Further information on how to respond can be found on the No 3rd Runway Coalition website at https://www.no3rdrunwaycoalition.co.uk/consultation

AIR QUALITY SET TO GET WORSE FOR WEST DRAYTON RESIDENTS Proposals for a third runway mean that the Lakeside Incinerator will need to be relocated. Waste water from an expanded airport will require the construction of a NEW sewage treatment works -buried deep in the documents a proposed site for this is southeast of where the M4 meets the M25 - Emissions from the Incinerator - Emissions and Smells from the new Sewage Farm - Emissions from planes departing and arriving on a 3rd runway - Emissions from the extra road traffic All emissions would be carried towards West Drayton on the prevailing wind. A TRIPLE WHAMMY FOR WEST DRAYTON RESIDENTS, BUT THERE’S MORE….

Coming to a Park near you…

Coming to a Park near you…

Coming soon to a site near you…

Immigration Centres The two Immigration Detention Centres will need to be re-located. A proposed site is located just south of the M4, very close to The Glebe Estate and Cherry Lane Primary School. We do not believe a site so close to residential areas is suitable for this facility. What do you think?

Aviation Fuel Storage and Rail Head Operations Heathrow needs somewhere to store fuel between delivery and use in aircraft. One of two sites proposed for this is located north of Thorney Mill Road, backing onto the Garden City Estate and serviced by diesel trains carrying the fuel. Re-using the railhead here will also provide the main means of delivering materials for the construction of the third runway. Heathrow says “ it is likely that the railhead will operate 24 hours per day. Construction will be carried out over three phases with the third phase carried over a period of 15 years. ”

Flood Storage, Hotels, Offices, Car Parks, Warehousing…. Do you live on Magnolia Street or the Wise Lane Estate? Heathrow want you to have a flood storage site. The Environment Agency’s Flood Zone Maps indicate that West Drayton is identified as being at risk of flooding. If you live on the Bell Farm estate you can look forward to being overshadowed by hotels or office buildings or warehousing or other airport related development.

With Heathrow expansion THERE IS NO ESCAPE


A third runway would create 700 more flights per day and we all know the devastation that would bring. To highlight this number we are building a "STOP 700 MORE" group and we are asking you to become part of it. By joining this group, you would represent one of the number of extra flights per day that a third runway would bring if it were to ever open. All you need to do is sign up to join other residents who are pledging to attend two events over the coming months — click the link for the 700 Group on our website www.stopheathrowexpansion.co.uk and send us a message with your name, email address and contact number. We do not need to know your address, but it is helpful for us to know where our supporters are based, so please include that if you wish. The first event will be at the High Court in London on the morning of Monday, 11th March – the first day of the trial challenging the legality of the Government’s plans. We are asking residents to join senior politicians, environmental organisations, trade unionists and campaign groups in making our voices heard and supporting the Mayor of London, Hammersmith & Fulham, Hillingdon, Richmond, Wandsworth and Windsor & Maidenhead Councils, Greenpeace UK, Friends of the Earth, Plan B Earth and Twickenham resident Neil Spurrier who are challenging the plans. Don’t worry if you can't make it on 11th March, there will be other events where you’ll have the opportunity join in.