Dozens of election candidates support our campaign to stop Heathrow expansion!

With voting in the general election underway, the No 3rd Runway Coalition, which SHE is a member of, has been busy meeting election candidates and seeking their support in opposing such a hugely destructive project. We've been re-tweeting many of their tweet on Twitter over the past few weeks as more and more candidates recognise why Heathrow expansion is undeliverable.

Candidates who support the campaign are not just those in the immediate vicinity to Heathrow. For example, all the candidates standing in the east London constituency of Leyton & Wanstead, some 30 miles from Heathrow, are opposed to expansion.

Here's some of the candidates who had a photo with the Coalition's election pledge. See if you can find your local candidate(s) below!

Candidates Opposed to Heathrow Expansion v2.png