Heathrow Third Runway Consultation Announced

It feels like a long time coming - today we finally get the government consultation that will give us a closer look at the proposals for a third runway at Heathrow. It will be a chance for people near the airport, and elsewhere in the country, to say what they think. 

The consultation begins on 3rd February and will last for 16 weeks, ending on 25th May 2017.  While it is expected that people directly affected by the proposals will have an opportunity to comment, there will also be events with displays of the development in 13 venues elsewhere in the country.  The areas near Heathrow and under some of the flight paths will get a total of 20 venues. 

When the consultation ends and the comments analysed, the proposals will be considered by the Parliamentary Transport Select Committee.  Parliament will then vote on the National Policy Statement, in late 2017 or early 2018.  Only at this point will big hurdles, such as the high level of pollution in the area and the impact on climate change targets, be examined in court. 

The Government also launches a national consultation today on its future airspace strategy. Let's hope someone is actually listening. The consultation on the changes to airspace could have a major impact on many people living under flightpaths because it will look at, amongst other things, whether residents prefer concentrated flight paths or a more dispersed approach.  

When it comes to aircraft noise, how much can you tolerate before your health cracks up?

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