PM reminded M25 can't cope with Heathrow traffic

Theresa May got a reminder that the roads serving Heathrow can't cope with a TWO-RUNWAY Heathrow when her jet to China was held on the tarmac at Heathrow because an important passenger was stuck in M25 traffic. 

The Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney, was scheduled to join the Prime Minister on the flight to the G20 summit but, like so many Heathrow passengers, he was stuck in a car cursing the overloaded road network. 

However, unlike other passengers, Mr Carney was flying on the PM's special aircraft so the flight was held up for him and his vehicle was given a Metropolitan Police motorcycle outrider escort to speed him on the remaining part of his journey.  

There was no three-hour check-in and security clearance for Mr Carney so the plane took off only 23 minutes late. We hope he appreciated that life is not like this for people with a regular ticket. 

The PM arrives in China with Chancellor Philip Hammond

The PM arrives in China with Chancellor Philip Hammond


If the PM approves a third runway, it will have 14-lanes of road traffic travelling in a tunnel underneath it.  The proposals need this increased road capacity to attempt to accommodate some of the increase in vehicles, including local traffic that doesn't even want to go to Heathrow.

Heathrow claims it will encourage people to travel by public transport yet it also wants massive car parks in and around the airport so Theresa May would be a fool to believe the airport's planners. 

Building more roads doesn't solve the infrastructure problems, which the public will be forced to fund - that's both construction and long-term maintenance. 

Heathrow is simply in the wrong place and can't cope now, let alone in the future. The last thing it should be granted is another runway. 





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