Javid keen on residents' human rights - except at Heathrow

Sajid Javid, a government minister in favour of a third runway, is concerned about the human rights of a group of Southwark residents who face losing their homes yet appears to have no interest in what will happen to the thousands of people near Heathrow who face losing theirs.


Although the circumstances are different, the news story about residents on a London Council estate has raised the issue of human rights in a situation where people are forced to leave their homes.

The Aylesbury Estate in Camberwell 

The Aylesbury Estate in Camberwell 


The vast Aylesbury Estate of about 2,700 properties, about two miles from Westminster, has been earmarked for regeneration. Similar projects and an earlier phase of this scheme have gone ahead but the latest compulsory purchase order on the Aylesbury Estate has been blocked by the government.


The inspector for the Department of Communities and Local Government gave a recommendation to the secretary of state, Sajid Javid, that he should refuse the order.

Sajid David MP

Sajid David MP


Unlike people who would be displaced by a third runway where there are no plans to assist displaced residents to find alternative accommodation, the council (Southwark) is able to offer a scheme to allow a form of shared ownership on another property so that the residents can stay in the area.


The Inspector noted that although the council had this scheme, Aylesbury Estate residents forced to leave their homes need to find considerable funds in addition to any “compensation” they would receive for their properties. (Almost certainly impossible for the elderly and those on low incomes.)


The inspector also said, “In this regard, the compulsory purchase order would not only deprive them of their dwelling but also their financial security. If they chose not to pursue this option, they would inevitably need to leave the area and this would have implications for their family life, including the lives of those dependent on them.”


The inspector concluded that this situation would lead to an unjustified breach of the leaseholders human rights.

Theresa May promised a different kind of politics when she became Prime Minister. It should not be acceptable to allow the wealthy elite to sweep the rest of the population aside in their quest for financial gain.  





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