SHE Plane Crashes The Conservative Party Conference

Delegates at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester got a surprise when a 30ft SHE aircraft crashed their event on Monday, 5th October.

Plane attracts attention of police, public and photographers

Plane attracts attention of police, public and photographers

Based on the construction of a Chinese Dragon, with ribs of plastic piping and a carefully crafted cotton covering, the aircraft was painted with David Cameron’s 2009 pledge “No Ifs, No Buts, No Runway”.

It travelled up to Manchester from the Heathrow Villages at the crack of dawn to arrive at midday when the team of SHE supporters from various locations, some dressed in boiler suits and “Stop Heathrow Expansion” tabards, assembled the super-sized model.

Before long the striking structure was ready for take off and did two circuits round the “Ring of Steel” – a cordon of police officers protecting the venue. It was a serious message but the protest was extremely good natured with campaigners, spectators and police all keeping the atmosphere friendly. There were lots of other protests going on, with plenty of singing and dancing, but everyone made way for the No Third Runway jumbo jet and joined in the chants of “No Ifs, No Buts, No Third Runway!” TV film crews and photographers were eager to get the best shots.

As the aircraft threaded its way in and out of the police lines, they seemed impressed by the display and even offered a couple of tips for the future like, “Next time add music like the theme from Dambusters!”

When the campaigners finally came to a rest outside the conference hall they distributed information leaflets, which were well received. A cue for dozens more photographers and reporters to try to capture the scene.

Delegates seemed happy to talk to campaigners and only one person stuck in the mind as a supporter of Heathrow expansion. Typically he lives far enough away to have no worries about the devastation, noise and pollution it would cause – he was from Scotland.

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