Resident Tells Davies She Will Fight To The Bitter End

In stark contrast to the crass remarks from the Back Heathrow brigade, the residents facing the destruction of their homes or a life with intolerable noise gave impassioned statements from the public gallery at the Davies Commission consultation event in Sipson on 3rd December.  

We are printing one from a SHE supporter who also fought the previous third runway proposals:

At a lecture at Brunel University last week John Holland-Kaye told those present, many were students, that people around the airport want a better life for their children.  No disagreement there!

Saxon Lake at Sunset (photo: Keith Hauser)

Saxon Lake at Sunset (photo: Keith Hauser)

I live in the beautiful, historic village of Harmondsworth, which existed long before Heathrow Airport was created.  We TOO want a better life for our children where they can learn, free from aircraft noise, not in pods to protect them ONLY from noise at play time, and where they can BREATHE without fear of permanent health damage from air pollution.  We want them to understand the needs of the economy and to value and cherish their history.  TOO much is taken from our heritage which can NEVER be replaced!

We were told that Heathrow has been FULL for the last ten years but we all know that many of the planes are NOT full!  A management, NOT an economic issue.

We are told 750 homes will be demolished but now it is recognised that HUNDREDS more would be rendered uninhabitable, hence their inclusion in the ‘so called’ compensation scheme.

Think about the number of people, yes, REAL people, many elderly and alone suffering stress and despair at the prospect of losing their home where, for some, generations have lived.

There is a housing shortage in Hillingdon.  Where will we live?

Education will be disrupted.  Jobs lost through displacement.  Families and friends separated and communities ‘CLEANSED’ from the area so Heathrow can fly to Asia and South America.  China apparently is the ‘acid test’ according to Mr Holland Kaye.  If they are not doing business in China they are doomed.

Well, we are doomed by your plans for expansion at Heathrow and OUR Human Rights ignored!

I say NO to expansion and will fight you to the bitter end, to save my home in Harmondsworth, and to save the threatened surrounding communities.

Eilish Stone