Government Announcement Is A "Fudgerama"

Cameron guaranteed a decision by Christmas – now it looks like Christmas 2016! As we choke on the pollution generated by the airport we get what London Mayor Boris Johnson calls “Fudgerama”.

Is Boris stirring up trouble with his "Fudgerama"?

Is Boris stirring up trouble with his "Fudgerama"?


It is evident that Heathrow cannot meet pollution targets with two runways. There is no chance of meeting EU legal levels with three. The reasons for not building a third runway are even stronger now than they were decades go, when we were largely ignorant of the damage the airport was doing to our health and environment. This statement keeps all shortlisted options in the frame, two at Heathrow. Oddly it doesn’t mention the name of either airport shortlisted. Why has it taken the government five months since the Davies report was published to come up with this? Cameron needs to face reality and say NO to Heathrow?

SHE Committee member Christine Taylor reacted to the announcement,”We are not surprised that the government has delayed making a decision. The fact that Gatwick has not been ruled out indicates that they know they cannot meet pollution targets at Heathrow. We are confident that a third runway will never be built but it is devastating for many residents that we have more months of delay and blight.”

Harmondsworth resident Neil Keveren feels that David Cameron should honour his pledge, "No Ifs No Buts No Third Runway". Meanwhile, the battle continues to save the villages. He said, “We won last time through the courts and we will win again.”

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