Theresa May – Long-Time Opponent of Airport Expansion

While we are reminding Theresa May of her past opposition to airport expansion, The Telegraph has unearthed this comment she made when Shadow Secretary of State for Transport on 16th December 2003.

Theresa May at the Conservative Party Conference in 2003

“Far from setting a clear way forward for air transport in the UK, today’s announcement [of expansion] is a fudge from an incompetent government, which will deliver only blight to millions of people living around airports across the country.

“Indeed, anyone living around any of the airports in the South East is now faced with indefinite uncertainty… We need railways before runways.”

Take a look at our existing railways and you can see the need for investment. It doesn’t make sense to put British taxpayers’ money into expanding a foreign-owned airport for the benefit of foreign investors and the convenience of transit passengers.

Mrs May, it’s time to say NO to Heathrow – once and for all.