Zac battling to win back his Richmond seat

Zac Goldsmith, former Conservative MP for Richmond Park and North Kingston, is facing a tough battle to win back his seat as an Independent.

His latest campaign leaflet (shown above). 

Stop Heathrow Expansion (SHE) is non party political but many of the residents in Heathrow Villages have put their faith in anti-runway campaigner Zac Goldsmith. He has taken a keen interest in the area under threat of destruction and understands how difficult life has been for many residents who have faced decades under threat. 

Neither Lib Dem candidate nor the Labour candidate have visited the villages that would be destroyed if a third runway survived. While both candidates oppose a third runway, they are hoping that voters will want to send a message to Theresa May on other issues - such as Brexit. 

As a group that has one key message, to stop Heathrow expanding, SHE clearly wants to see the election of an MP that can be trusted to prioritise the campaign against a third runway and keep their word. We believe that Zac Goldsmith has shown he is the person best qualified for the job. 


Stop Heathrow Expansion